Help Your Pets Live Longer With Good Dental Care

If we could wave a magic wand, we’d make all cats and dogs brush their teeth before bed every night. Why? Because regular dental care is one of the top things we can do to help our pets live longer.

dog with toothbrushAnimals build up tartar, develop gingivitis, and get rotten teeth just like people do; and that leads to debilitating and often expensive health conditions, especially in older pets. Prevention is totally do-able and has two parts.

1. Schedule periodic cleanings at your vet’s office. This is key because ONLY trained professionals can clean under the gum line and handle serious dental situations like tooth removal. We know it’s not cheap. But it’s so important you don’t want to put it off either. Fortunately, February is National Pet Dental month and many clinics offer discounts during that time. So talk to your vet about what schedule is appropriate for your pet and start budgeting for it.

2. Make regular maintenance part of your pet’s routine. That’s where good products make things easier. Visit us for a wide selection of chews, gels, water additives, and other items to reduce tartar and keep teeth in good condition. If you want to learn how to teach your dog to actually enjoy tooth brushing, watch this 6 minute step-by-step YouTube video from Vancouver dog trainer Donna Hill.

Cheap Shots Mobile Vaccine Clinic Every Month

mobile vaccine clinic

The Cheap Shots mobile vaccine clinic team in action.

Does your pet need a vaccine updated? The Cheap Shots mobile vaccine clinic visits our store on the third Saturday of each month from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Their affordable, high quality service is veterinarian-supervised, and they have been serving the bay area for over a decade. So bring your pet(s) by for a vaccine update, or stop in to meet the nice animal-loving folks who staff the mobile clinic. They’re happy to answer any questions you may have. Visit the Cheap Shots website to learn more about their fees and services. To find out exactly which Saturday the clinic is scheduled for each month, ask our staff or sign up for our short & sweet monthly newsletter the next time you visit our store.

Is Your Dog Ready for a Good Hair Day?

Our grooming department has expanded, and we have appointments available Monday through Saturday. If your caninGroomedDog1e companion is ready for a bath and trim, give us a call. We love helping dogs look and feel their best.

In Praise of Senior Pets

November is national Adopt-a-Senior-Pet Month, and there are many good reasons to consider a more “mature” pet for your family if you’re looking to add one. If you already have a senior dog or cat in your life, here’s some excellent resources to help you support the more mature members of your furry householdold dog pic:
Muttville Senior Dog Rescue’s Resource Page
The Grey Muzzle’s Health & Wellness Page
The Senior Dogs Project’s FAQ Page
Cat Behavior Associates Senior Cat Page
American Association of Feline Practitioners Senior Cat Page

Have Your Party with Our Pets!

Alameda See Spot Run now offers birthday parties on Sundays after 1:00pm.

Your kids will have a great time with a learning session about pets. We offer hands on experience with acatbdayPupKittyBunnyParrot Rabbit, Guinea pig, Bird, Kitten, and a Hedgehog. A craft can be added for an additional fee. Time will allow for cake (provided by you) and singing of Happy Birthday.

Our room will accommodate 10 children ages 4 to 12 years old. Cost is $200 for a 90 minute event. Additional children and/or time for additional costs. For more information, please contact us.
Store Phone (510) 523-7768. Email:

Free Trial Size Bags of Orijen & Acana

Looking for a new kibble to offer your dog? We’ve got Trial Size bags from Orijen and Acanorijen and acana 2a to help you out. These normally sell for $3.99, but we’re offering them at no cost to our valued customers. Come by and get one while supplies last.

Are Your Pets All Tagged Up?

More pets get lost and/or wind up in shelters during the 4th of July than any other holiday. Make sure ALL your doggies and kitties are wearing current ID tags throughout the holiday weekend, and thGoog_Pet_Tags_2Sidesat they’re safely confined while you’re away from the house, especially after dusk. If you need new tags made quickly, we have our own engraving machine at the store and can make tags while you shop.

What’s In Your Pet’s Escape Pod?

In honor of National Pet Appreciation Week (6/7 to 6/13) we’re focusing on the “unexpected” things that can arise for you and your pets, like how to pack up and go in the event of an emergency. Being prepared is easier than you think.

Emergency Pet Items


Collect this short list of items and keep them in a special tote box that’s marked and ready to go…ideally next to the one that has all of Your Emergency Stuff in it. Then put an auto-reminder on your calendar to change out the food and water every 6 months for freshness.

  • One week supply of pet food
  • One week supply of water
  • One week of medications
  • Carrier or Crate
  • Leashes, Collars & ID tags
  • Bedding, Blankets or Towels
  • Poop Bags, Paper Towels & Cleaners
  • Cat Tray, Litter & Scooper
  • Recent photos to help ID your pet

Best of Alameda Nomination

Alameda Magazine’s annual Best of Alameda contest continues this month through May 31st. We’re deeply honored to be on the ballot this yeai-pVW5nzB-XLr as the only independent and family-owned store in the Best Pet Store category. Please vote!!!


Adopt-a-Rescued-Guinea Pig Month

Guinea_pigs.3The ASPCA started National Adopt-A-Rescued-Guinea Pig Month back in 2002 to help raise awareness about guinea pigs in shelters and about pet cavies in general. Guinea pigs are rewarding pets when cared for properly. Many can be found in rescues and shelters around the world, waiting for their forever home. They are are social animals and should be kept in pairs. Learn more at the ASPCA’s page on Guinea Pigs.
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