UPDATE 12/1/2021: We have paused puppy classes for the duration of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Please check back for the latest updates on our offerings! Stay safe out there! 

Looking for Alameda puppy training classes? The award winning trainers from Bravo!Pup visit our storbravo-pup-logo-02e every Sunday to conduct the best puppy classes on the island. They are also available for private in-home consults with dogs of all ages, and they offer adult dog classes at other locations.

For details, questions, and online registration, visit their website bravopup.com or call them directly at (510) 621-3630



When Do You Start Training Your Puppy?

After you bring your puppy home, it’s tempting to let a few days or even weeks go by as you bond with your new furry friend. However, the best time to start training your young puppy is right away to establish good habits and to accomplish critical socialization tasks that must be completed before your puppy reaches 5 months of age. When you start training before 16 weeks of age, you set your puppy up for maximum success as a member of your family for the rest of its life.



What Makes Our Dog Training Classes Different?

In puppy training classes by Bravo!Pup,  your puppy will make new friends and develop self confidence while acquiring new learning skills in our clean, cozy classroom at the back of the store. Bravo!Pup classes cover basic obedience, manners, social skills, distraction training, and all things related to puppyhood. Bravo!Pup trainers use forward-thinking positive reinforcement techniques which are much safer and superior to the old-fashioned punitive ways of training dogs.

By using rewards of all kinds (food, toys, praise/attention, access) to reinforce the behaviors you want from your pup, you deepen your relationship while teaching them and having fun all at the same time. Bravo!Pup’s classes are family-friendly and they welcome kids of all ages to participate in their classes under parental supervision.


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