Our 3 Point Plan for a Peaceful Holiday Season

We Wish You A Peaceful Holiday Season! Here’s Our 3 Point Plan to Help You Make It Happen. 

#1: Stocking Stuffers With Benefits. Need a small gift for your furry kids or for the pet-lovers in your life? We’ve got a full selection of toys and holistic treats that you can trust. And for every KONG toy you purchase we’re donating one to Friends of the Alameda Animal Shelter (FAAS). That’ll make a lot of kitties and doggies very merry.

#2: Local Delivery Service. Is your holiday schedule running you ragged? Use our Alameda-only daytime delivery service so you don’t run out of kibble, kitty litter, flea meds, chew toys, poop bags, or other important supplies. Just give us a call at (510) 523-7768. For a $50 minimum order, we’ll deliver whatever you need to your street-level Alameda doorstep. For FREE!

#3 Donate Food for Displaced Pets. For just $7 a bag you can amplify year-end giving to Hopalong & Second Chance Rescue with your purchase of Tender & True Organic pet food. This high quality, grain-free product is a huge boost for the cats and dogs that Hopalong has pulled from multiple disaster areas. We’re matching these special donations through December 31st. Buy a bag or two or more. We’d love to see the whole inventory go to them! Check out EZPestExterminating.com to make sure that the place you are staying at is pest-free.

Thank You for Shopping Local and Helping the Pets in Our Community.
— The Animal Lovers of Alameda See Spot Run: Jen, Anna, Kelly, Amanda (photo top row) and Karen, Trish, Cynthia (bottom row)

#ShopSmall. Donate Local.

The best part about being a small business in a small town is that when something serious happens or you need help, people pay attention. They ask what they can do. Then they proceed to amaze you.

Since we kicked off our matching pet food drive last month for our adoption partner, Hopalong & Second Chance Rescue, we’ve been humbled by the generosity of our customers. Over the past weeks they’ve helped us donate a mountain of pet food and supplies for the cats and dogs displaced by the fires.

For Hopalong, fostering these pets and finding them new homes is ongoing. It takes time, plus a whole lot of kibble.

So we’re extending our pet food drive through the end of December. We’ll match every $7 bag of Tender & True organic, grain-free food that you purchase from us for Hopalong. This specially priced holistic pet food helps the dogs and cats that need a healthier alternative to other brands.

Because of the fires, the Season of Giving started early this year, well in advance of any jingle bells. For us, it’s become a Season of Gratitude. We are blessed to be among so many animal lovers and rescuers in our community who are willing to do so much.

We’re also deeply appreciative to EVERYONE who recently helped us find a retirement home for our store kitties, Sailor & Grif. They’re now living happily right here in Alameda with their new mom, local textile artisan Jennifer Daley, her husband Andreas, and their cat Tilley.

With Deepest Thanks,

Cynthia Schorle & The Alameda See Spot Run Team

Have Your Party with Our Pets!

Alameda See Spot Run now offers birthday parties on Sundays after 1:00pm.

Your kids will have a great time with a learning session about pets. We offer hands on experience with acatbdayPupKittyBunnyParrot Rabbit, Guinea pig, Bird, Kitten, and a Hedgehog. A craft can be added for an additional fee. Time will allow for cake (provided by you) and singing of Happy Birthday.

Our room will accommodate 10 children ages 4 to 12 years old. Cost is $200 for a 90 minute event. Additional children and/or time for additional costs. For more information, please contact us.
Store Phone (510) 523-7768. Email: Cynthia@alamedaseespotrun.com

Are Your Pets All Tagged Up?

More pets get lost and/or wind up in shelters during the 4th of July than any other holiday. Make sure ALL your doggies and kitties are wearing current ID tags throughout the holiday weekend, and thGoog_Pet_Tags_2Sidesat they’re safely confined while you’re away from the house, especially after dusk. If you need new tags made quickly, we have our own engraving machine at the store and can make tags while you shop.

Adopt-a-Rescued-Guinea Pig Month

Guinea_pigs.3The ASPCA started National Adopt-A-Rescued-Guinea Pig Month back in 2002 to help raise awareness about guinea pigs in shelters and about pet cavies in general. Guinea pigs are rewarding pets when cared for properly. Many can be found in rescues and shelters around the world, waiting for their forever home. They are are social animals and should be kept in pairs. Learn more at the ASPCA’s page on Guinea Pigs.

February is Adopt-a-Rescued-Rabbit Month

We’re big fans of Rabbits here at the store and are positively delighted to see that they’ve earned their own special month on the calendarRabbit Supplies that is NOT related to Easter. Look for bunny-related posts from us throughout February.

Holiday Safety Hazards for Pets

The holidays are fun, even for pets, but the season brings added risks for our four-legged family members. Learn to recognize and manage holiday hazards to keep your pet safe throughout the festivities.


Tinsel is attractive, especially to cats. Tinsel is not toxic but consuming tinsel can cause serious harm to your pet’s digestive system. The long, tough strands can actually cut through the intestine and cause peritonitis.


Pets love to play with bright, colorful ornaments, but may end up breaking or even chewing and swallowing these fragile decorations. Sharp, broken pieces can lacerate the animal’s mouth,christmas-pet-safety-tips throat, and digestive tract. Larger pieces can cause an obstruction and emergency surgery may be needed.

Christmas Trees

Cats love to climb trees, especially when the tree is indoors and loaded with ornaments and other decorations that look a lot like cat toys. A climbing cat can pull a fully decorated Christmas tree crashing to the ground, potentially injuring the animal. Tree water may contain dangerous fertilizers and stagnant tree water may contain unhealthy bacteria, which is dangerous to both dogs and cats.

Mistletoe and Holly

Consuming holly may cause nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Eating mistletoe can result in stomach upset and even heart problems. A cat may suffer kidney failure after ingesting some types of lilies.


A dog or cat that eats chocolate may experience vomiting and diarrhea, panting, hyperactivity, abnormal heart rhythm, seizures and, in severe cases, even death. The darker the chocolate, the more toxic compounds it contains.


Consuming raw bread dough is dangerous for pets, as heat from the animal’s body causes the dough to rise inside its stomach. The pet may experience vomiting, severe abdominal pain and bloating.

I Think My Pet Ate It! Now What?

If your pet has encountered or ingested one of these holiday hazards, contact your veterinarian without delay. Make this holiday season merry for everyone by keeping your animal companions safe from these potential holiday hazards and getting the proper treats listed in Blue Buffalo cat food reviews on time.


ASPCA, “Holiday Safety Tips.” 2014.

Pet Poison HelpLine, “Winter Holiday Pet Poison Tips.” 2014




Holiday Photos to Benefit FAAS – Saturday, 12/6

It’s time for Santa Paws at Alameda See Spot Run on Saturday, December 6th from 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

Photos of your pet with Santa for only $30. All proceeds benefit Friends of the Alameda Animal Shelter (FAAS).

Contact 510-337-8575 or volunteer.faas@gmail.com to schedule your photo sitting.

My Secret Escape: Hanging Out With The Pet Ambassadors

I  have a secret escape that I look forward to on a designated Saturday each month. It’s a brief respite from long days and endless to-do lists, and it always brings a smile to my face. It’s the hour I spend with the amazing  kids and parents who attend our Pet Ambassadors Club that we sponsor with Hopalong & Second Chance Rescue.

Watching these kids learn how to interact carefully and respectfully with animals gives me real joy; and hearing the thoughtful questions from their parents reminds me of the pet evolution that’s occurred in my own family for years. I especially love the time we spend doing pet-themed crafts. There’s nothing like hanging out with a bunch of creative youngsters and an assortment of art supplies to put your world in perspective…at least for an hour. Then it’s back to reality, but with a freshly charged battery.

My thanks go out to all the kids and parents who join us each month. I’m also deeply grateful to Katie Carney from Hopalong & Second Chance, who shares her gifts in teaching kids about animals and helps make the club my favorite place to be for a special hour every month.

craft time 1

Pet Education for The Next Generation

Pet education is a subject near and dear to my heart. Before I became a retailer I was often trying to figure out what to feed my pets, what products were safe for them, and really, just how to understand them. I wanted to give them what they needed for a long, healthy, happy life as part of my family. I knew there were other pet owners like me. That’s one of the reasons I took the leap into retail and started this business. My vision was, and still is, to make our store a trusted resource for Alameda’s animal loving community.

A vital part of that community is our children, which is why I’m so excited about our monthly Pet Ambassador’s Club that we started in March with Hopalong & Second Chance Rescue. The club gives kids of all ages a really special opportunity for hands-on pet education. They learn important lifelong skills including how to greet them safely, how to recognize their emotions, and above all, how to care for them as beloved companions.

As my colleague Lauren Briskin, who is the Volunteer & Education Coordinator at Hopalong, says, “Kids have an amazing capacity to understand how animals experience things. We see local pet education programs like this one as a fun and extremely effective way to influence the next generation of responsible pet owners.” I couldn’t agree more.

I look forward to seeing more young people in our store learning how to be good pet owners and discovering a special bond with animals that will last their entire lives. I extend my thanks to the seven Ambassadors in these photos– Chloe, Finn, Julia, Kayli, Tillie, Cody and Samantha– for bringing my vision into reality. The treat jars you all made turned out wonderful too!

Ambassador Chloe Ambassador Finn Ambassador Julia Ambassador Kayli Ambassador Tillie Ambassadors Cody and Samantha.

Treat Jars made by our Pet Ambassadors at their March meeting

Treat Jars made by our Pet Ambassadors at their March meeting

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