As a dog-loving business and grooming salon, we’re dedicated to your dog’s well-being, which is why we recommend things like the best products and food for them. See this review of the best Vegan dog food brands. And today we’re sharing the following information to make you aware of the current outbreak of dog flu that has been reported in the South Bay area. The virus may or may not make its way to the East Bay, but we are being proactive in communicating about it.

Important Facts:

  • Dog flu is easily transmitted between dogs through sneezing or coughing. So it can spread through any shared surfaces like water bowls, toys, bedding, kennels, or even via the hands and clothes of animal-loving people.
  • Anywhere dogs hang out together can increase exposure opportunities, such as dog parks, daycares, group walks, boarding facilities, or training classes.
  • Symptoms include runny nose, cough, loss of appetite, lethargy, and fever. These symptoms may or may not show up right away if a dog becomes infected.
  • There is a dog flu test and a vaccine. Consult with your veterinarian to learn more.
  • Dog flu does not affect humans. If you’re concerned about your cat, call your vet.

What We Are Doing:

  • Using extreme care in cleaning and disinfecting our store and grooming areas.
  • Sanitizing our hands between contact with all the wonderful dogs that visit us.
  • Talking with our customers and sharing information from qualified sources including the California Veterinary Medical Association’s resource page on Canine Influenza.

Instructions for Our Grooming Clients:

If your dog is showing any symptoms or has possibly been exposed, please keep your dog home and contact your veterinarian. Then call us and we’ll reschedule any grooming appointments as needed.  If we observe any symptoms while your dog is in our care, we will notify you ASAP.

Hopefully, the Dog Flu of 2018 will pass quickly and our community will be unaffected. We will bring you additional updates as we learn more.