Holistic Pet Food

Alameda See Spot Run is pleased to offer only natural and holistic pet foods made from high quality ingredients. Everything we stock is sold with the health of your pet in mind, so we decided long ago to carry only pet food that is free from corn, wheat, and soy which are common sources of allergy problems in pets. You’re not going to find what we stock in your local supermarket and what you should know that it’s sad but true that most of the food sold out of the big box pet stores isn’t very good for your pet either. At our store, you’ll find brands like Orijen, Acana, Fromm’s, PureVita, Lotus, Canidae, and Taste of the Wild dog and cat food. We also carry Wellness (for cats only)Evangers, and Chicken Soup for the Dog/Cat Lovers Soul.

Holistic Pet Food

Not Just for Cats and Dogs!

Whatever you’ve got, 4 legs or 2, with wings or without, we can help you feed your pet to keep them happy and healthy. We’ve got food for birds, chinchillas, rabbits, chickens, hamsters, guinea pigs and more. And as always, if we don’t have it in stock, we can get it for you.

Free Local Delivery

That’s right, for a $50 minimum purchase, we can deliver your pet food right to your door here in Alameda! See here for more information.

Why Buy Holistic and Natural Foods for Your Pet?

The most compelling reason for buying holistic pet food is what’s in ordinary pet food, whether it’s wet or dry. The pet food industry is regulated by the FDA, but nowhere close to the way that food for human consumption in the U.S. is. Current regulations allow the use of diseased livestock, including fish, along with grains and other food products that have become contaminated and are no longer fit for human consumption.

Labels are also deceiving. Natural is a term that with loose regulation and manufacturers apply it to products that may be natural but far from healthy. The only label on pet or human food that the USDA regulates carefully is certifying food that is organic. Although holistic pet food may not necessarily always be organic, it’s still a healthier alternative, since it rarely contains ingredients that would otherwise be discarded.

Most commercially prepared dry pet foods rely heavily on grains to add bulk and calories. Even the canned pet foods contain grain and vegetable products. Feeding pets dry food where corn or grains are the first ingredient listed on the bag is a convenience for their owners, but does little to promote pet health. While dogs can tolerate more plant food in their diets, cats are strictly carnivores, since they naturally create vitamins that a meat diet doesn’t supply.

Veterinarians are beginning to correlate higher rates of physical problems with the food that pets currently eat. Dental and kidney disease, heart problems, and hyperthyroidism in cats may be result of feeding pets commercially prepared pet food that may meet the nutritional labeling but contains substandard ingredients. Some researchers are attributing the obesity epidemic in cats and dogs to the fillers the pet food contains, along with the fat that is sprayed over the dry food to make it palatable. Like other pet food ingredients, the fat used can come from meat or vegetable oils that are not fit for human consumption.

Although holistic pet food may cost more than commercial food, it can keep the pet out of the veterinarian’s office and provide the basis for a longer and healthier life. If we are what we eat, it’s certainly true for pets, too. Holistic pet food manufacturers adhere to the nutritional requirements that the animal needs, not by using chemicals or contaminated foodstuff, but by balancing the food with ingredients that are also safe for human consumption.

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