Pet Supplies and Accessories

Alameda See Spot Run is your urban pet supply provider! From the usual to the unusual, we’ve got what you need at a great price!

pet supplies for rabbits

For the dogs and cats we’ve got everything you could possibly need, and if we don’t stock it, we’ll get it. Don’t forget our ultimate goal of keeping your pets happy and healthy… all of the products in our shop are selected carefully with this in mind and we’re always paying attention to the marketplace to help you figure out what’s worth looking at and what’s just hype. So whatever it is, cat litter, potty training supplies, toys, health related items and more, we’ve got the pet supplies and products you want, the information you need, at the best price in town!

Raising Backyard Chickens?

Keeping hens can be an incredibly rewarding experience, and is something that’s becoming very popular all over the country. Not only is it a great hobby, you can produce organic omega rich eggs right at home! We carry chicken scratch and layer in both crumble and pellet form as well as organic cracked corn. Outfit your coop with brooding lamps, fresh flakes of timothy hay and pine shavings, nesting box blends to keep your chickens free from fleas and mites, and lay down some diatomaceous earth in your pen for a nice dust bath!

Bird Supplies

Whether your feathered friend is a cockatiel, parrot, or a canary we’ve got the food, bedding, chew toys and habitats to keep them singing.

Other Small Animals

We love our dogs and cats but we also love all sorts of other small and unique animals as well. For rabbits we’ve got pellets, chew toys, fresh hay and litter. We also carry habitats, cages, food, treats, vitamins, health products and cage bedding for Guinea Pigs, Chinchillas, Hamsters, Mice, and Rats.

Chinchilla Supplies

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