Dog Grooming

Alameda See Spot Run offers full service pet grooming for dogs including bathing, drying, brushing, and nail trimming. Pricing is based on the size of your pet, coat type and condition, as well as cut style and detail. Please call 510-523-SPOT (7768) to schedule your dog’s first appointment. We’re happy to answer your questions. If you are already a grooming client, you can access our online scheduler through the button below.

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We’re proud to offer a low-stress grooming environment for our canine clients so they can be

Groomer Trish Cabral

ASSR Groomer Trish Cabral

serviced without the noise and agitation level present in crowded, high-volume pet salons. Our unique grooming service is possible because we groom only one dog at a time, and we enlist everyone’s cooperation in keeping an on-time schedule. This allows our groomer to focus on your pet’s needs and complete the grooming tasks at a pace that works for your pooch. We love being able to give dogs this type of TLC so they can get through a session comfortably and without distress.

Our Groomers

ASSR Groomer Kelly Sanchez

Trish Cabral and Kelly Sanchez have been grooming professionally for many years. They’ve worked in some of the best grooming salons both in and out of the Bay Area. Our customers love these gals and the amazing job they perform with all the lucky dogs who visit their grooming tables.

10 Benefits of Regularly Grooming Your Dog

Owning a dog has many rewards, but with the joys come responsibilities, especially with grooming tasks. These are the 10 most tangible benefits of combing, clipping and cleaning fur-bearing pets that should be performed on a regular basis for your dog’s comfort and well-being:
  1. Health. Regular brushing not only promotes a healthy coat, it also reveals problems with the skin. The skin is a major indicator of a pet’s overall health. Finding ticks, scratches or bite wounds helps owners seek appropriate treatment before the problems become more severe. Dry or flaking skin may indicate allergies or medical problems.
  2. Comfort. Fur mats are uncomfortable for dogs. Routine brushing minimizes the possibility of the fur clumping, especially for long-haired breeds. Brushing your dog more frequently when the seasons change helps prepare the dog’s coat naturally for the upcoming season.
  3. Appearance. A groomed pet always looks better than one with a tangled, dirty or shabby coat.
  4. Bonding. The time owners spend on grooming tasks deepens the bond with their dogs.
  5. Pest control. Regular grooming reveals problems with fleas, which breed quickly indoors and infest other pets or people. Fleas can transmit diseases.
  6. Home maintenance. A pet that’s brushed weekly sheds less fur. During the winter or summer, the hair and dander gets picked up by the HVAC system and can clog the filters. Dirty filters lower HVAC efficiency and can eventually cause system failure.
  7. Floor protection. When a dog’s nails become too long, they can snag carpeting and furniture or scratch wood floors, and potentially cause foot injuries to the dog. A pet with trimmed claws is also more comfortable to hold, since sharp nails can scratch skin.
  8. Dental health. Keeping a pet’s teeth clean with a brush or plaque removers increases the pet’s comfort and long-term dental health. A healthy mouth promotes good overall health and is an essential part of regular pet care.
  9. Vision improvement. Some breeds of dogs like Lahso Apsos have long hair that hangs over their eyes. Clipping the fur that might impede their vision helps them navigate their surroundings better.
  10. Courtesy to others. A smelly dog isn’t something that most people can tune-out. Owners often grow accustomed to the scents of their pets, but visitors may not appreciate the natural smell of your beloved animal. Masking the odor with perfumed scents is likely to irritate the animal. We recommend fragrance-free wet or dry shampoos to help clean your dog up and look his best.
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