Fireworks can be a fun way to celebrate for us humans, but for some animals, loud bangs and bright flashes can be quite stressful. It is important to take a few steps to ensure your pet’s safety. Here are our four easy steps to keeping your dog or cat safe during the 4th of July.

1. Provide a safe environment for your pet.

Pick a comfortable room in your home where doors and windows can be secured to prevent an anxious escape. Fill the room with your pet’s favorite toys and blankets to hide under. If there are windows, it may be helpful to pull the blinds down. Introduce your pet to the room before the fireworks start so they can feel at ease in their own space.

2. Exercise

A tired pet is a less anxious pet! Try to exercise your pet during the day with a walk, hike, or a game of frisbee. Let them run out all their energy before introducing them to their safe space in your home.

3. Try a Pet Anxiety Relief Method

Calming treats and tinctures can be a helpful option to keep your pet calm during stressful situations. We recommend a CBD based treat or tincture. Ask our store associates for more information on how CBD can help your pet manage anxiety. Calming vests can also be a great option for anxious pets. Like swaddling an infant, a ThunderShirt applies gentle, constant pressure to calm your pet.

4. Make sure your microchip information is up to date

If the worst happens and your anxious pet escapes, you’ll want to make sure they are able to find their way back home. Log in to your microchip account to check that your home address and phone number is correct and up to date. Veterinarians and animal rescues will scan the microchip to reunite lost or scared animals with their families. If your pet is not microchipped, make sure their tags are up to date.