Pet education is a subject near and dear to my heart. Before I became a retailer I was often trying to figure out what to feed my pets, what products were safe for them, and really, just how to understand them. I wanted to give them what they needed for a long, healthy, happy life as part of my family. I knew there were other pet owners like me. That’s one of the reasons I took the leap into retail and started this business. My vision was, and still is, to make our store a trusted resource for Alameda’s animal loving community.

A vital part of that community is our children, which is why I’m so excited about our monthly Pet Ambassador’s Club that we started in March with Hopalong & Second Chance Rescue. The club gives kids of all ages a really special opportunity for hands-on pet education. They learn important lifelong skills including how to greet them safely, how to recognize their emotions, and above all, how to care for them as beloved companions.

As my colleague Lauren Briskin, who is the Volunteer & Education Coordinator at Hopalong, says, “Kids have an amazing capacity to understand how animals experience things. We see local pet education programs like this one as a fun and extremely effective way to influence the next generation of responsible pet owners.” I couldn’t agree more.

I look forward to seeing more young people in our store learning how to be good pet owners and discovering a special bond with animals that will last their entire lives. I extend my thanks to the seven Ambassadors in these photos– Chloe, Finn, Julia, Kayli, Tillie, Cody and Samantha– for bringing my vision into reality. The treat jars you all made turned out wonderful too!

Ambassador Chloe Ambassador Finn Ambassador Julia Ambassador Kayli Ambassador Tillie Ambassadors Cody and Samantha.

Treat Jars made by our Pet Ambassadors at their March meeting

Treat Jars made by our Pet Ambassadors at their March meeting