IĀ  have a secret escape that I look forward to on a designated Saturday each month. It’s a brief respite from long days and endless to-do lists, and it always brings a smile to my face. It’s the hour I spend with the amazingĀ  kids and parents who attend our Pet Ambassadors Club that we sponsor with Hopalong & Second Chance Rescue.

Watching these kids learn how to interact carefully and respectfully with animals gives me real joy; and hearing the thoughtful questions from their parents reminds me of the pet evolution that’s occurred in my own family for years. I especially love the time we spend doing pet-themed crafts. There’s nothing like hanging out with a bunch of creative youngsters and an assortment of art supplies to put your world in perspective…at least for an hour. Then it’s back to reality, but with a freshly charged battery.

My thanks go out to all the kids and parents who join us each month. I’m also deeply grateful to Katie Carney from Hopalong & Second Chance, who shares her gifts in teaching kids about animals and helps make the club my favorite place to be for a special hour every month.

craft time 1